Top best 360 sports videos

Top best 360 sports videos


Top best 360 sports videos

360 videos allow you to discover (or rediscover!) Situations from a new angle. Thanks to their inherent immersion, we become the main protagonist of the experience. Do you have vertigo but dream of doing bungee jumping to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes? Curious to discover the waters of the Pacific but not yet the means to get there? With our selection of the best 360 sports videos, live these crazy experiences without leaving your home!

Sports 360 video: the rollers of Tahiti

Tahiti. An island that makes everyone dream for different reasons. White sand beaches, romantic sunsets, horizon as far as the eye can see ... But Tahiti is also a surfer's paradises. The waves are impressive and the water clear, allowing you to enjoy the adrenaline with this 360 sports video co-signed by Samsung, you can enjoy this environment inexpensively.

A 360 surf lesson

Surfing, an independent sport that often makes girls dream. Or a practice requiring specific knowledge and a certain attraction for the ocean. Whether your goal is to seduce women or to indulge in a sporting activity, with this video proposed by surfer Kyle Thermann, you can learn the basics of the sport very easily. Presented as a tutorial, this sports video 360 uses superimposed arrows to indicate the best viewing direction for quick learning.

Roll down the slopes of a hill on a skateboard

With this 360 sports video you will be able to join a group of courageous skateboarders who “rush” down the concrete slopes of an American hill. Experience theadrénaline of a crazy descent on a skateboard filmed in 360 degrees.

The 24 hours of Le Mans in 360 degrees

- 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the three most prestigious races in the world with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 500 miles of Indianapolis. This event unites thousands if not millions of spectators around the world. With such an aura, it is sometimes difficult to find a place to attend the event. With the help of sports video 360, you can now enjoy this race in an unprecedented way : no longer be a simple (tele) spectator, take the place of the pilot. This video allows the user to enjoy the same vision as that of the runner by even adding technical indications such as the speedometer, the course of the race or the revolutions per minute. Immersion guaranteed!

At the top of the World Trade Center

For those who do not have vertigo, this sports 360 video takes you at the top of the World Trade Center. 541 meters of a vertiginous climb to be able to enjoy a sublime urban panorama. If you really have to be reckless to embark on such an enterprise, this 360 video will allow everyone to enjoy an incredible experience.

Bonus: travel the stratosphere

Who has never dreamed of going to space? If Elon Musk promises to take us there in a few years, the most impatient can already discover the stratosphere with this 360 video that will take you more than 27 away from our planet earth.

Bonus: 10 fireworks launched in the middle of the desert

Have you ever wondered what 10 fireworks launched in a desert would produce ? Whether this is the case or not, this video will provide an answer to this existential question that torments many of us. In addition to the show, you can admire the sand dunes where this spectacle takes place. 

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