Treat yourself to a mixed reality experience without glasses with Roomality's AI

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  • How does the new Roomality process work?

How does the new Roomality process work?

To be able to take advantage of this immersive 3D experience, you will need two cameras mounted above a large screen the size of a window. By combining them with an AI system , it is the positions and movements of the eyes of the players that will be analyzed. Thereafter screen dynamics will also move to match it and keep consistency.

Roomality researchers are therefore seeking to develop a monitoring system even more coherent and complete than those already existing. If this new system is for the moment limited to the body of a single user without physical simulation of 3D objects, the next target scales would be a wall, then a room. Other “windows” would exist via artificial intelligence which would generate them by simulating views of distant places. A "full immersion" that the player will be able to experience just by looking around in a natural way. With its other subsidiary Unreal Engine, players will be able to benefit on a large scale from photorealistic landscapes. These various absolutely incredible decorations will then be right on the window of the player's house.

The new concept of Roomality would target several types of customers. Why not extend it to virtual tourism, architecture, games and the creation of sets for the film industry? No door seems closed for society thanks to its new acquisition, the photogrammetry startup Quixel. The player will move through many artificial and real environments. We do not know to date any release date and price. Nonetheless, Roomality remains very promising and deserves our attention in the future.

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