Triangular Pixels - Take your cat to VR with the VIVE Tracker

Triangular Pixels - Take your cat to VR with the VIVE Tracker


Virtual reality is a great technology, which allows you to travel in the limitless universe of the imagination. Flying in the skies, fighting dragons, piloting a spaceship, are some of the possibilities offered by this new medium. However, VR now also allows elements of the real world to be integrated into the virtual, an equally exciting possibility.

To take advantage of this opportunity, the Triangular Pixels studio has decided to allow users of VR headsets to take with them what they have most precious in virtual reality: their cats. To do this, they simply had the idea of ​​attaching a Vive VR Tracker to a previously domesticated feline.

A first cat successfully transported into virtual reality thanks to the VIVE Tracker

The accessory, developed by HTC, allows to record the movements of an object (or, in this case, of an animal) and to reproduce them within a virtual environment. From the movements of the cat, a virtual avatar in his image was materialized in the VR. Like its model, the imaginary animal is capable of performing various actions: walking, sitting down, or even lying down to take a nap.

The video released by Triangular Pixels shows a somewhat angular depiction of the feline moving around in the game Unseen Diplomacy, developed by the studio. We can especially see the animal rushing into a lake of molten lava, fortunately without consequence, and sit next to a robot dog, as if it were able to perceive what is happening in the game. For reproduce this experience at home, all you need is a VIVE Tracker. This sensor dedicated to the HTC VIVE headset has been available since March 27, 2017.

Triangular Pixels intends to market a complete system to perceive pets while playing in VR

Triangular Pixels - Take your cat to VR with the VIVE Tracker

This experience makes you smile, but can still be useful. Attaching a VIVE Tracker to your cat effectively avoids stepping on it if the urge suddenly takes him to sit in the middle of the HTC VIVE's dedicated room scale gaming space. This system can be very relevant, given the propensity of our dear felines to settle in the most incongruous places.

Triangular Pixels intends to push the experience further by developing a system that actually allows you to take an animal with you in any VR game without, however, affecting the feeling of immersion

In the near future, it may be possible to equip a pet with a virtual reality headset, so that it lends a hand to the user in his games of video games, but it will undoubtedly be necessary to wait a few more years.

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