VRidge - Play PC games on smartphone in VR

VRidge - Play PC games on smartphone in VR


Today smartphones are very powerful, so it is no wonder that someone offers this kind of application. The resolution is excellent, as on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the power is there.

VRidge - Play PC games on smartphone in VR

Vridge: For small purses

It is true that not everyone can afford a helmet at 699 euros or 899 euros for the HTC Vive. Enjoying a VR experience for gaming remains complicated today. The most profitable solutions, like the Samsung Gear provided you already own a Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher, are a good way to test VR and enjoy a few games without breaking the bank, but when you want to push the gaming experience even further. further, to enjoy polished graphics and sharp games, that's another story!

Vridge installation is very simple, just connect the Android application to the same Wi-Fi as the PC. Just like you would install a printer or any other wireless device. Then launch a game from RiftCat (the group developing the Vridge), or a VR compatible game on the PC.

Still limitations

Available only for Android, an iOS version is under study, and limited to a handful of games at the moment (,,, andthe application still seems too small to offer a real gaming experience on smartphones. We still welcome the concept and the possibilities that the application may offer in the near future. Developers are convinced of the potential of their software and there are already a good number of answers in their FAQ

What can we expect from it?

Still in beta, the application is already showing definite potential and seems well advanced. Designed for Google cardboards and the Samsung Gear, the experience may vary greatly depending on the resolution of the laptop used and the choice between these two headsets. Because if the second is of good quality and will be able to offer a very interesting experience, the first is clearly not recommended for this use. Not to mention that not having straps, it will have to be held with one hand, seriously compromising the keyboard / mouse handling. You can also find a comparison of the two helmets here.

And despite everything being done to lower the price of the VR experience, it will always be appropriate to have a high-end PC to enjoy decent graphics and exemplary fluidity, essential to avoid nausea.

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