Ximmerse unveils new augmented reality glasses, Rhino X

Ximmerse unveils new augmented reality glasses, Rhino X


The Japanese company which is notably behind the technology of the Stars Wars challenges in augmented reality will now offer Rhino X, its own helmet which has just been unveiled in video. What to salivate?

Is there room for a new augmented reality headset on the market? This is the question that already obsesses many players as many companies position themselves on the market. However, these AR glasses already seem to have strong arguments.

A range of possibilities for the Rhino X

The question is now for many, that of uses. What new augmented reality glasses for? Sometimes we still struggle to project ourselves. In this context, Ximmerse's approach to presenting the Rhino X turns out to be quite appealing. Indeed, we discover it in real conditions whether it is multi-player activity, use of firearms or design. The advantage over the Lenovo Mirage AR which until then offered the content of Ximmerse? The headset does not need to be connected to a smartphone but relies on an integrated screen that reflects on the viewfinder and a Snapdragon 835 chip.

We had already had a preview of the headset at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. It relies on an interchangeable battery. A vertical FOV of 57 ° and relies on a system of markers to anchor the content in your environment. It is not yet clear whether it will be sold or whether it is just a possible model for other manufacturers. Anyway, the Rhino X has significant advantages and if its price is affordable could fill a gap.

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