Coronavirus: Pokémon Go goes into quarantine to curb Covid-19

Coronavirus: Pokémon Go goes into quarantine to curb Covid-19


Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world has no choice but to take strong action. Like France, many countries close their schools, ban gatherings and invite their citizens to go out as little as possible.

However, these government decisions require the support of all of society. This is the reason why companies are urged to prioritize telecommuting for their employees, and it is also why many events have been canceled including the European Pokémon Championship.

For its part, Niantic has decided to make its contribution to this general effort. To prevent Pokémon Go players from going out and congregating, the studio has decided to make several changes to its mobile game.

Indeed, Pokémon Go is clearly not the ideal game in a pandemic situation. Usually, players need to be in the busiest places to catch as many Pokémon as possible. In order to defeat the toughest raid bosses or conquer arenas, they are also supposed to get together in as large a group as possible.

Pokémon Go undergoes several major changes in the face of the coronavirus

In an effort to protect players, Niantic made several decisions. Until the end of the crisis, ‚ÄĚthe updates will concern in priority features and experiences that can be enjoyed individually ".

First of all, the number of habitats will increase so trainers can meet more Pokémon without leaving their homes. In addition, incense to increase the spawn rate of monsters is available on the store with a reduction of 99%. Their effect is prolonged to last for an hour.

Likewise, incubators that require you to walk a certain number of steps to hatch Pokémon eggs will be more effective. So, the eggs will hatch twice as fast. Finally, PokéStops will allow you to obtain gifts more frequently.

All of these changes take effect immediately, and will last "until further notice" according to Niantic. Otherwise, Community Day in March, dedicated to Abra, will ultimately be postponed along with many real-world events.

La special study mission to obtain Genesect will also be changed so that tasks can be performed solo. Fortunately, players will have plenty of time to enjoy the new Go Fighting League and online PvP battles from the comfort of their couch ...

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