Sales - 100 installations for the HTC Vive

Sales - 100 installations for the HTC Vive


The approximate number of active HTC Vives has been revealed by an unofficial source. This figure is only an approximation of the number of sales, but it confirms a trend that has been emerging for some time: the ascendancy of the HTC Vive over the Oculus Rift.

New figures have been unveiled regarding sales of HTC Vive. The RoadtoVR site by combining data from Valve on the use of helmets and a site called Steam Spy was able to produce an estimate of the number of helmets sold. The system used is quite ingenious, theThe editor used the games offered with the purchase of an HTC Vive, namely: Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator. When a user connects his headset, he first installs the applications at his disposal, these three games therefore represent the number of users of HTC Vive.

HTC Vive sales exceed Oculus DK sales

This figure is of course approximate, but it shows a rather interesting general trend. Oculus and HTC communicate very little about their sales, such information, even approximate, is invaluable. The figure is between a maximum of 103 and 124 installations since the release, i.e. three months. Which is rather impressive when compared to the total sales of the Oculus Rift Development Kits between August 2012 and October 2015 which amounted to 175.

The comparison clearly shows the success of the HTC Vive. The latter has managed to distance its direct competitor, the Oculus Rift, despite a fairly close general public release. The reasons are varied: the Vive came out with its Touch controllers while the Rift still awaits them, the Lightouse system allowing you to move in a fairly large area makes Valve's headset more immersive while Facebook's headset is content with a very small space. The main reason is the most obvious: the Rift is struggling to meet demand while the Vive is available at retailers around the world..

HTC Vive has so far the upper hand in the duel

In just three months, an observer of the VR scene can see the future unfolding, blurryly though. HTC / Valve's ascendancy to Oculus may well be a bad patch for the Facebook business. If such a distance could be covered in such a short time, we can also imagine a rapid turnaround.. Buyouts and development partners will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in this fight. Exclusives on one platform or the other will certainly field a lot of players. On another point, the adaptation of the accessories to the HMDs will play a more important role than the raw power, because it will really differentiate the gaming experience between the two headsets.

It remains to be seen what impact the arrival of Sony's PSVR headphones will have, which with a very competitive price, compatibility with consoles that players already have in their living room and launch games anchored in known and appreciated licenses is very advantageous. The chances of the Japanese helmet raising the dice are very high.

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