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The Snapchat Shows have been snapping up since they went on sale. They should allow, coupled with the World Lenses filters to observe the world in augmented reality and thus pave the way for future AR glasses.

Snapchat sensed before anyone else that augmented reality was a technology of the future. After suggesting to its users to implement virtual elements on their selfies and in their environment, she takes out a pair of glasses that make shooting even easier: the Spectacles.

Shows: Snapchat, the idol of young people

The Spectacles, these connected sunglasses announced at the start of the 2016 school year, have caused much ink to flow. According to Snapchat, the latter make it even easier, if possible, to capture videos to share them on the famous social network. The target of the company is and always has been the youth. A connected youth, eager for collaborative experiences and fond of new technologies. With Spectacles, users will now be able, via a Bluetooth connection, to share their experiences with a simple click on the side of these glasses.

Adorned with a modern shape and vivid colors, the Snapchat Spectacles feature front cameras that capture the environment for easy sharing on the social network. But the release of these connected glasses is not the only activity of the American firm. Indeed, she is also very active in augmented reality.

Shows: A draft of augmented reality glasses

Snapchat has been offering augmented reality filters for a while, which allows its users to transform into a zombie, a princess or even a robot. Virtual images are superimposed on reality in order to obtain an AR rendering which, let's face it, is very convincing. Last week, during an update, Snapchat has taken this technology one step further by allowing its followers to use augmented reality through the main camera of their smartphones.

These new filters, soberly titled Word Lenses, are already very successful. Among other things, they offer the user the possibility of scanning his environment in order to add clouds spewing rainbows or even snowflakes. Snapchat ensures that Spectacles have all the features accessible on mobile. Thus, the World Lenses filters should also be part of this connected experience offered by Snapchat. The user should be able to see snow where there is none, if the social network's promise is kept. It therefore breaks free from the limits of AR on smartphone screens to offer a convincing and immersive augmented reality. Snapchat could therefore be the company that will democratize augmented reality glasses in everyday life. At least that's what the sales of the Shows indicate since their American release.

Shows - An original distribution method for the United States

Snapchat Shows have been on sale in the US since the end of last week. Interested parties can obtain this draft of augmented reality glasses by an original means: ephemeral distributors. Snapchat still proves through this that it is a modern company and that it masters contemporary marketing codes. These distributors in the colors of the company are positioned in discreet places and offer Spectacles glasses in very limited quantities. For now, the number of distributors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but the social network reveals the location of a new point of sale every 24 hours.

With the base price of just $ 129, these glasses are already snapping up on the other side of the Atlantic. Such a resounding success that some buyers have listed their copies for sale on Ebay at exorbitant prices of up to $ 5000. Snapchat is banking on the rarity of these glasses to create the excitement and it works if we take into account the long queues that jostle in front of these dispensers, as if a rare Pokémon had appeared in the Pokémon Go application, using them. also augmented reality.

The success of the Snapchat Shows demonstrates an even more interesting thing. The consumer is ready to wear a pair of glasses if the latter offers him attractive enough features. Good news for all companies working on augmented reality glasses.

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