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  • Daqri augmented reality glasses
  • Daqri: glasses costing nearly $ 5.000 for professionals

Daqri is a Los Angeles-based company that offers augmented reality solutions to solve specific problems and offer concrete solutions to professionals. The American firm has bet on augmented reality, thinking that this will develop first among companies before democratizing to the general public. The price of autonomous and high-performance AR devices is actually quite a deterrent, but it is clear that by becoming more democratic in the industry, these devices will subsequently be able to become more accessible to the general public with more affordable prices. This is also the strategy adopted by Daqri which, for the moment, only targets professionals and manufacturers.

Daqri augmented reality glasses

Daqri already offers various augmented reality solutions for vehicles or even through construction helmets with augmented reality visors. The AR specialist has just marketed its augmented reality glasses. These glasses are both ergonomic and modular while offering low latency and a wide 44-degree field of view for working both indoors and outdoors. They use a powerful Intel Core m7 processor running at 3,1 gigahertz for the calculations.

Daqri augmented reality glasses are not completely autonomous because they are connected to a portable box that attaches to the belt. The screens offer a resolution of 1360 x 768 pixels with 90 frames per second. The AR Daqri glasses are also equipped with a wide angle tracking camera, a depth detection camera as well as a high definition color camera to take either photos or videos. The glasses can also connect via Bluetooth or Wifi.

Daqri: glasses costing nearly $ 5.000 for professionals

Daqri augmented reality glasses are priced at $ 4.995. A price that obviously reserved them for professionals and this is precisely the direction that the American company has taken. The Los Angeles firm actually offers many solutions for manufacturers and professionals. The applications are developed according to the specific needs of the customers as for example in maintenance, industrial assembly, manufacturing, on-site services, construction or even inspection of industrial installations.

It is precisely thanks to its advanced platform that Daqri offers adapted solutions. The company has notably joined forces with partners such as Oracle, IBM, Autodesk, Siemens, Emerson or even Dell for its platform. Note that Daqri's augmented reality applications are developed with the Unity engine, widely used in virtual reality as well as in augmented reality.

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