European elections: infographics in virtual reality to understand

European elections: infographics in virtual reality to understand


On May 26, the European election will take place in France. For several weeks, candidates have followed each other on television sets, but what does Europe really represent? The illustration with virtual reality infographics.

In order to help us better understand Europe, its differences, what brings us together and separates us, France Télévisions has joined forces with the Gobelins School of Image. The goal is to give birth to immersive and educational experiences. The result of the work of the students of the Graphic Designer Motion Designer (GMD) training, and entitled "" is broken down into four chapters.

Infographics: who works the most in Europe?

It is a subject which gives rise to many interpolations and extrapolations. The students have chosen to use it in the style of a cycling race which here illustrates the pace of work.. We let you discover in video but you might be surprised at the results far from what some candidates are announcing.

Which are the "clean" countries in infographics

At a time when the environment becomes a major occupation, we are interested here in the carbon footprint, in the pollution caused by countries. A video and infographics that provide a truly immersive, engaging and engaging experience.

Which means of transport are favored in Europe?

Are you more of a train or a car? Plane or bicycle? We take a little tour of Europe in data to understand the continent's transport.

Which country has the best life expectancy?

Finally, the latest infographics play with the image of a sports competition, in a sketched 2D style and above all a very elaborate musical approach.

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