Pokémon are opening a VR theme park, but visit it quickly!


  • A short guide to the Pokémon theme park

Discover the Pokemon Virtual Fest, a brand new official amusement park dedicated to Pokémon that can be visited in VR. However, the experiment has an expiration date that is already quite close.

Indeed, if the official launch took place yesterday, the place will close on August 31 next. But until then, you can visit it from a web browser, smartphone or PC VR headset through SteamVR.

As an entrance ticket, you will first need to download Cluster, a Japanese social network in virtual reality. Once in the park, it will then be possible to try out attractions or have fun with some mini-games.

And since it is a online experience, you can visit the place with your friends. Unfortunately, the app is entirely in Japanese. If you have a loved one who is fluent in this language, then this is the best time to spend some time with them among your favorite Pokémon.

A short guide to the Pokémon theme park

To start the Virtual Fest, you will need to choose an avatar with Pokémon sauce. Once done, you enter a large hall that can be left through several portals. Some overlook mini-games with various themes, but only one opens onto the park in question.

In fact, the virtual park consists of several attractions arranged around a giant statue of Pikachu which sits in the middle. However, only one attraction can be tried from the start: a Ferris wheel where Pokeballs replace the pods.

To live other experiences, they will have to be unlocked by performing a few missions. Among the bonuses that await you: a beach or a show with an army of Pikachus. Of course, if you are not familiar with Japanese, unlocking all of these attractions will not be easy.

In any case, this amusement park is a little consolation prize for anyone still waiting for a real Pokémon game in VR. After August 31, we will still have this fan-made game for the Quest.

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