Portal on Hololens: the bluffing demo that adapts to your environment

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  • Portal in augmented reality: a convincing demonstration
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The American developer Kenny W presented on his YouTube channel a convincing demonstration of what Portal could be in augmented reality. Not only did the developer succeed in transposing Portal's gameplay into augmented reality but he also managed to adapt it to the environment. A feat full of promises that could give ideas for developing a new version of the game.

Portal in augmented reality: a convincing demonstration

The concept of the Portal game is simple. The player has a weapon allowing the creation of tele-transportation space portals. An entrance gate and an exit gate. The player must therefore teleport or teleport objects in order to complete a course. The game had known, at its release, a real craze and received many awards. The game has since become cult for many players and has inspired a developer on Hololens.

In the demo video uploaded by Kenny W, we can see the player creating a portal and throwing a cube into it. This one behaves exactly as in the game. Some will think that it is about an adaptation easy to implement but it is clear that it is not. The developer has indeed achieved the feat of ensuring that its application adapts to the environment.. It is thus possible to see the cube rolling down the stairs and bouncing against the wall in a very convincing way. The developer's demonstration only presents tele-transports of a cube. Difficult to imagine, as in the game Portal, that the player finds himself propelled through a space portal in augmented reality.

Portal game in augmented reality soon?

After this convincing demonstration, many fans of the original game are already salivating as they imagine an adaptation and puzzles to solve in their apartment.. For the moment, we will have to be satisfied with this demonstration, as convincing as it is. Microsoft is primarily focusing its augmented reality glasses on the business and, even if the playful potential of Hololens glasses is probably not lost on the software giant, the rights to the game still belong to its historic publisher: Valve.

Anyway, Kenny W is not his first attempt. The American developer already had, a few months ago, presented his concept of Pokemon Go in a real augmented reality environment. The American had, already at the time, presented a demonstration, there too, with Hololens glasses.

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