Sketchfab offers museums to scan their artifacts for VR

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  • Sketchfab: How to Visualize Artifacts in VR

Sketchfab software is highly regarded by developers. It indeed allows share and download 3D models that can be viewed with a VR headset.

Now, the creator of this tool has just launched a new program to allow museums and other cultural organizations to easily share 3D scans of the artefacts they store.

Museums wishing to do so can share their 3D scans under the Creative Commons CCO 1.0 Public Domain Dedication license. This license certifies that the institution concerned offers the model to the public domain, and waives any form of copyright.

Everyone is therefore free to copy, modify, or even distribute the work without asking permission. And this, even for commercial purposes.

Sketchfab: How to Visualize Artifacts in VR

by Thomas Flynn
on Sketchfab

We already count over 1700 digitized artefacts, usually using the technique of photogrammetry. You can view them using a VR headset. To do so, go to this address from a VR-compatible web browser such as Oculus Browser or Supermedium. Choose a relic, and then click on the ”View in VR” button to be able to contemplate this cultural heritage from all angles.

En parallèle, Sketchfab is also rolling out an update. This will allow 3D creators to easily download, reuse and modify artifacts.

You can find the list of 27 organizations from 13 different countries who have already agreed to take part in the game. Sketchfab specifies that this is only the beginning, and that museums and other cultural institutions that wish to contribute can get in touch now…

Here is the list of the 27 museums and institutions that cooperate with Sketchfab:

  • Arms Museum, RU
  • Cleveland Museum of Art, US
  • Digital Archive of Natural History (DiNArDa), DE
  • Digital Atlas of Ancient Life at the Paleontological Research Institution, US
  • Digital Heritage Age, Digital Counties Project, EI
  • Faroe Islands National Museum, DK
  • Temper, CA.
  • Jena - City of Light, DE
  • Minneapolis Institute of Art, US
  • Morbase Virtual Museum, PT
  • Saint-Raymond Museum, FR
  • Museums of Sitges, ES
  • National Museum of Natural History of Chile, CL
  • Lower Austria 3D, AT
  • RLA Archaeology, US
  • Science Museum Group, UK
  • Scottish Maritime Museum, UK
  • The Smithsonian Institution, US
  • SMK - National Gallery of Denmark, DK
  • State Darwin Museum, RU
  • Sterlitamak BashSU Archaeological Museum, RU
  • The Cable Center, US
  • University of Dundee Museum Collections, UK
  • World Culture Museums, SE
  • Virtual Curation Lab, US
  • Western Science Center, US

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