10 great examples of branded VR content


  • 1 – McDonald’s / Angry Birds
  • 2 - Oreo
  • 3 – TOMS
  • 5 – Red Bull
  • 6 - Mercedes-Benz
  • 7 – Clash of Clans
  • 8 – Thought Café
  • 9 - Caminandes
  • 10 - US Soccer

With branded content in virtual reality, businesses can easily attract new customers. For good reason, VR currently has several advantages over other media. The novelty of this technology makes consumers more enthusiastic and more easily influenced. Likewise, the small amount of content available makes it easier to find your way. The other major asset is the immersion provided by virtual reality experiences. The viewer is less distracted than in front of his television or his computer, and obviously more touched by the content, whatever emotion the brand seeks to convey. However, in order to be able to seduce and convince the user, it is necessary to focus on creating a quality VR experience. Here are 10 examples of successful branded content in virtual reality. 

1 – McDonald’s / Angry Birds

As part of the film's release, Rovio has partnered with McDonald's to create a 360-degree experience. The video features 3D representations of the characters from the famous mobile game, embedded in video captures taken in a restaurant of the famous fast food chain.

2 - Oreo

To the delight of fans of its cookie sandwiches, Oreo has created a virtual reality experience. This 360 ° video takes us into the Oreo Wonder Vault, to explain the magical origin of cupcake-flavored Oreos. Something to make the most greedy among us salivate.

3 – TOMS

To illustrate its mission, California philanthropic shoe maker TOMS created a virtual reality video. This 360 ° short film shows the meeting between a client of the brand and a Colombian child in need, benefiting from the money donated by the company.


Through this video, XFINITY offers spectators the opportunity to experience a race aboard a NASCAR vehicle from inside the cabin. Strong sensations guaranteed.

5 – Red Bull

The producer of energy drinks Red Bull has a habit of associating its brand image with extreme sports and more generally with thrills. In this context, the firm offers consumers to visit an active volcano through a 360 ° video.

6 - Mercedes-Benz

Driving along the Californian coast in a luxury vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz SL 500 is not for everyone. In order to remedy this inequality, the car manufacturer offers to live this experience through a 360 ° experience.

7 – Clash of Clans

The mobile game Clash of Clans has enjoyed incredible success for several years, offering players the opportunity to defend their kingdom from the top of an archer's tower while giants, dragons, airships and other barbarian armies attempt to win over. besiege. With this 360 ° video, Supercell offers to experience a raid in virtual reality.

8 – Thought Café

Thought Café is an American animation studio that promotes self-taught education and critical thinking through short films. The company has already taken its first steps in virtual reality with a 360 ° tour of the solar system guided by astronomer Phil Plait.

9 - Caminandes

The Google VR Team has teamed up with the Blender Institute, an Open 3D project studio, to reproduce the opening sequence of the Llama cartoon in 360 ° virtual reality. The result is startling.

10 - US Soccer

In order to satisfy football fans, US Soccer offers them to visit the locker rooms and walk the field through a 360 ° video.

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