American football: virtual reality softens manners


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A dangerous sport

The competition has never been so fierce as it is today in the world of American football. The physical consequences of sport on players are regularly singled out: repeated tackles and frontal shocks leave no one unscathed.

Training 2.0

Le software and hardware development aiming to change training methods is therefore timely. Gone are the days of just being on the pitch and watching game videos: today, coaches want to rethink sport and are on the lookout for new techniques allowing their players to distinguish themselves from their rivals and, above all, to be in great shape.

Among the companies that have decided to take up the challenge and offer technological solutions to athletes, Eon Sports VR stands out. Established in Kansas since 2013, this company offers a training model based on both virtual reality and augmented reality, which leaves more room for mental preparation and is less dangerous than field exercises.

How does it work?

To use it, nothing could be simpler: coaches and athletes put on a helmet which immerses them in a virtual environment in which they can evolve. It looks quite like a video game. For young players, this method allows repeat movements a lot of times without suffering unnecessarily. For professionals, this is the opportunity tolearn all game tactics and gain confidence. Players also get a overview of the field and their cognitive abilities are enhanced.

American football of tomorrow

An athlete can develop his physical capacities at will, but there will always be players taller, stronger and faster than him. What can give him the ascendancy is to know all the subtleties of sport, de master the game in his mind before stepping onto the pitch.

One day, virtual training will be obvious for all athletes, from the youngest to the most seasoned. They will be mentally strong and their bodies will not have been bruised like those of previous generations. Yes, American football is and will remain a brutal sport. But including virtual reality technologies in training could be life changing for many players.

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