Worst VR Stories: Quirks and WTF Compilation

Worst VR Stories: Quirks and WTF Compilation


By wearing a helmet on the head which obscures the view of the real world and by immersing the user in a virtual world, it is obvious that some funny stories are happening. Add to that some weird and curious experiences and you have got a compilation of the worst VR stories. Here are our top of the worst, WTF and other funny VR quirks. To consume without moderation for the worse and for the laughter ...

He falls asleep drunk ... while playing Resident Evil 7 in VR

Worst VR Stories: Quirks and WTF Compilation

This story happened in Russia. A gamer had gleefully watered his evening and was playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Drunk, he fell asleep with the helmet on and the game still running. After a few hours of sleeping, he woke up in a dark room from which eerie cries escaped. Still under the influence of alcohol and forgetting that he was wearing his PlayStation VR on his head, the player then screamed and got up hurriedly to flee this horror room jostling everything in its path. Height of horror, he felt hands on his arms. It was his mother trying to pull the helmet off his head and calm him down. The story ended with a huge fright as well as a broken TV and a damaged wall ... The bottom line: alcohol and virtual reality don't mix.

Frightened by VR content, a woman kisses ... her dog's ass

Some teenagers wanted to give their mother a terrifying VR experience. Frightened, the mother wanted to reassure herself by taking her dog in her arms and giving him kisses. However, she did not realize that she was carrying her dog upside down, so she kissed him on the wrong side. provoking the hilarity of his children and offering us a very funny scene. At first stoic, the dog quickly showed a little embarrassment and his gaze showed his embarrassment… This story was filmed and here is the very funny video below.

A dog experiences virtual reality

In this story, the dog is not in his master's arms but is wearing the VR headset ... A British man wanted his dog to test virtual reality. He then placed a Samsung Gear VR headset over her eyes. At first a little lost, the dog then got used to the virtual images. Looking in all directions, the dog was able to enjoy the show, while regularly dropping the helmet not particularly intended for his skull. Caught by the virtual video he even showed himself scared at times, even moaning while he was facing the void.. The Golden Retriever, however, did not show any particular concerns about dinosaurs. However, we do not recommend reproducing this experience with your doggie.

A VR wedding with a manga character

This story obviously takes place in Japan, a country adept at new technologies and manga, but which also suffers from problems for couples to form. A thirty-year-old Japanese man got married, in virtual reality, with a manga character. The groom wore an HTC Vive headset and the ceremony was performed with great fanfare with a suit and white gloves, priest, etc. The groom was in fact the winner of a contest organized by a brand of erotic games. To simulate the kiss to the bride, the Japanese put his lips on… a marshmallow held by a sugar tongs by an assistant! Even though, of course, the marriage has not been made official by the authorities, the winner of the contest can take pride in being the first married to a manga character and having lived one of the worst stories in VR.

Moments of pure terror in virtual reality

Virtual reality can be very immersive, and the brain can actually believe it is having an experience that does not exist. During horror games or terrifying virtual reality experiences, the reactions can often be very comical to those watching the VR headset wearer.. There are many videos circulating on the internet showing very funny reactions of totally terrified gamers as they are immersed in a VR horror game or of people experiencing a freaky VR situation. We offer you a small video compilation.

Falls from bowls, loss of control in virtual reality

By wearing a VR headset, our environment is completely obscured. A room too small for a virtual reality experience, the presence of other people nearby or even loss of balance or control of the controllers are sometimes the cause of bowls, falls, shocks and funny situations. Here is a compilation of serial fails in virtual reality.

Bonus: an intern from our editorial team breaks his hand while testing a VR game

This story took place in our premises. An intern, a journalism student, joined our editorial team during his apprenticeship. While testing a virtual reality tennis game for a report, he wanted to spike the virtual ball. Bad idea because his hand violently hit a beam fracturing his wrist ... Bad memories for this trainee who did not however hold a grudge against us ...

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