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  • SurrealVR, a set of tools to facilitate the development of Social VR applications
  • A framework compatible with all VR headsets

To take off, virtual reality must absolutely interest the general public and become more democratic. This technology can only become a major medium if everyone agrees to use it. For now, this is a difficult challenge.

However, if VR products are thought out and designed for social applications, this goal is quite achievable. Social VR applications are the most suitable for bringing users together and attracting new ones. They allow them to communicate, exchange, interact, and therefore forge a link. Thanks to these experiences, it is possible to develop a real community of virtual reality fans.

Given the importance of the presence and immersion in virtual reality, it is essential that the identity of the user follows it fluidly from one application to another. Likewise, these applications must be cross-platform to ensure maximum user comfort. For example, a user must be able to switch from Gear VR to HTC Vive by finding their avatar and various identifiers.

SurrealVR, a set of tools to facilitate the development of Social VR applications

This is exactly what SurrealVR offers with its framework dedicated to Social VR. This set of tools comes in the form of a plugin allowing designers and developers to focus on what they can do best, while taking advantage of a wide selection of native features.

Un system of rooms and lobby, customizable avatars, voice chat, a list of friends, physical network mechanics, a network video player, or even integrated analytical and advertising tools are among the many elements offered by this framework. SurrealVR is the result of several years of development, and the collaboration of many teams such as HTC ViveX or Boost VC.

A framework compatible with all VR headsets

Le framework is now available for all HMD helmet manufacturers and all independent developers. Customers can try it out by downloading SurrealVR on Steam or HTC Viveport. This toolkit is fully cross-platform, and can be used on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Daydream View. Thus, players can connect to the platform of their choice.

If you are going to build a virtual reality social app, it might be a good idea to look into this framework. This solution can save you valuable time while ensuring the quality of essential aspects of your experience. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback on SurrealVR.

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