Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras

Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras


Among the main fields of application of virtual reality is VR real estate. The possibility of visit a property in virtual reality is revolutionizing the industry in many ways. Thanks to VR, it is now possible to visit homes located anywhere in the world, without even leaving home.

In this context of transformation of the sector, the Californian company Matterport founded in 2011 is positioned in world leader in VR real estate and 3D virtual tours. The firm is developing a revolutionary all-in-one “reality capture” system for creating realistic and interactive 3D VR experiences.

Matterport: how does it work?

Matterport offers a simple, yet revolutionary concept. The firm offers its clients perform three-dimensional scans of properties to then be able to share them via the cloud.

First, the property scans are carried out using the Matterport Pro 3D Camera. This device emphasizes ease of use. With the push of a button, the camera automatically scans a room at blazing speed. The captures thus made are called “Matterport Spaces”.

Once completed, the scans can be downloaded (uploaded) on the secure cloud of the Matterport Cloud company. Powerful software then takes care of processing the data in order to make the Matterport Spaces accessible from anywhere in the world.

The scans Matterport Space can be easily shared. Matterport's 3D Showcase web player is very easy to use and compatible with all desktop and mobile web browsers. It allows you to integrate the scans as a video, or to share them via a link.

The Matterport Spaces can be explored from three different angles of view. The Dollhouse View allows you to see the whole property at once, like a dollhouse. The Inside View allows you to see the full-size property as if you were actually physically present. Finally, the Floorplan View allows an aerial view of the property.

Compatibility with VR headsets

Thanks to l’application Matterport VR for Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream, it is also possible to visit properties scanned in virtual reality for a truly immersive and realistic virtual tour experience. Matterport Spaces can be automatically formatted for virtual reality.

With the Matterport Workshop software, it is then possible to enhance the scans. For example, it is possible to highlight certain elements of the property, to label the different rooms or to develop guided tours. It is also possible to integrate contact information to allow virtual visitors to get in touch with the owner or the real estate agent in charge of the property.

In addition to virtual tours, 3D scans performed with Matterport can have multiple uses. 3D data can be used to create precise diagrams, take dimensions, or convert them to 2D images. Note that advanced users can export 3D data to other applications for even more possibilities.

Matterport Pro 3D Camera: all you need to know about the 3D camera

La Matterport Pro 3D Camera combines performance and ease of use. It collects visual and spatial data with precision in order to map entire rooms in minutes.

This 2,5 kg portable device has one button, allowing it to be started. Subsequently, the 3D capture is fully automated thanks to an ingenious rotation system. Aperture, shutter speed and white balance are set automatically. HDR technology ensures equal exposure throughout the scan.

She takes advantge eight to ten hours of battery life. In addition, thanks to internal WiFi, there is no need to connect to the internet during scans.

Due to its simplicity, this camera and its iPad application can be mastered in just a few minutes. According to Matterport, a classic property is scanned in less than an hour.

Who is this solution intended for?

Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras

The solution can be used in all industries directly or indirectly related to real estate. For the Real estate agencies, it makes it easy to offer virtual tours to customers in order to find buyers or tenants.

For professionals in the engineering or construction sector, Matterport makes it possible to better document projects by relying on 3D scans. In the hotel and tourism sector, it is possible to offer virtual tours of hotels and other rentals to attract customers. The journalists can also use Matterport to create immersive reports by scanning places and invite their audience.

What are the advantages ?

Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras

The advantages of Matterport are numerous. First of all, the 3D virtual tours offer an experience close to reality. For most people, it's hard to visualize what a property really looks like based on 2D renderings. With Matterport's interactive 3D scans, virtual visitors really feel like they are physically present in the property they are exploring, especially in virtual reality.

Matterport scans also allow impress customers and stand out from the competition. According to the firm, the use of the virtual tour increases by 300% engagement of the public and potential customers. 3D tours allow you to forge a strong emotional bond between the visitor and his future property.

In addition, virtual tours arecarry out from the client's home or directly in an agency. No need to arrange a meeting between the owner, the agency and the client to visit the property.

Is Matterport available in France?

Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras

In total, Matterport works in more than 75 countries of the world including France. It is therefore possible to order the Matterport Pro 3D camera, or to use the services of a Matterport virtual tour agency to scan your property.

Matterport: price of 3D camera and scanning services

Matterport - Everything you need to know about the leader in VR real estate and 3D cameras

To scan your property with Matterport, two solutions are available to you. You can buy your own 3D camera, or use the services of a professional agency partner of the company.

The camera Matterport Pro2 3D Camera costs 3695 euros, and 18 euros for processing fees. The model Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera is available for 2495 euros and 27 euros for processing fees.

It is also necessary to choose a Matterport Cloud plan. The company offers tkings different packages. The Basic package offers three Spaces per month, storage for 100 spaces, and is intended for a maximum of 5 employees. Its price is 44 euros per month or 450 euros per year.

Le Professional package allows you to create 7 spaces per month, and offers a storage capacity of 200 spaces. It is intended for a team of 20 employees maximum, for a price of 89 euros per month or 900 euros per year. Finally, the Business package allows you to create 11 spaces per month, store a maximum of 300 spaces, and can bring together up to 50 employees. It is priced at 134 euros per month or 1350 euros per year.

Regarding the services of a professional Matterport 3D photographer, the price varies depending on location, provider and size of property.

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