Revive - Oculus reviews its digital rights management

Revive - Oculus reviews its digital rights management


Oculus Rift recently changed its digital rights management to improve its protection against piracy. This update, however, seems to have weakened the protection of the helmet, because Revive, an open source software, managed to bypass them in a day.

The Oculus Rift's digital rights management or DRM in English have recently been updated, reports the Motherboard site. The latter was supposed to improve the defense against piracy of Oculus games, but it seems that this new format has weakened the virtual reality headset. The update allows the program to search for a Rift headset connected to the computer in order to give permission to operate. The update had the side effect of rendering the Revive program unusable on the Rift. Revive is software for playing HTC Vive games on Oculus Rift and vice versa. It was developed by the Libre VR team specializing in Open Source. It is one of the most popular programs in the community and is likely to grow very well with more and more headsets coming into the virtual reality market.

Revive is already back

Revive - Oculus reviews its digital rights management

The developers of Revive however responded quickly, in 24 hours, the DRM was bypassed: “This is the first time that I bypass the DRM, I did not want to come to this. I do not support piracy, moreover I ask users not to use this software for pirated programs. »Free VR ad on Reddit. It currently only works on the Unreal Engine graphics engine, the creators of the app are actively working to make it work with others. The programmers of this software have confided to the Motherboard site their desire to work with Oculus so that everyone finds their account.. The original intention of Libre VR was not to facilitate piracy, but this program can be used that way. It remains to be seen whether Palmer Luckey's firm will work with independent developers. The latter had said that players could modify the games to play them on any medium from the moment they bought them on the Oculus Store.

Virtual reality is still in its infancy and the marketing models for its applications are not yet established. It is also in consumer and open source circles that we can see the emergence of many ideas and programs that complement the lack of games available on these platforms. Large productions will catch up with the trend in the near future, EA Games has also launched a research laboratory for this. The independent medium will however remain an important player in the world of virtual reality..

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