The best VR meditation apps


  • Why should you try VR meditation apps?
  • The Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams
  • Tai Chi Trainer XR
  • The Chakras VR
  • The Flow VR
  • Le Guided Meditation VR

You have to know how to take time for yourself and relax to forget all the stress caused by the frantic pace of everyday life. A rested body and a steel mind are enough to regain your well-being. But how do you feel good about yourself?

Does meditation speak to you? It is a practice that promotes mental well-being. Are you often anxious or stressed? Do you want to follow meditation sessions with your coach, but confinement forces you to stay at home? Don't panic, we have the solution: virtual reality meditation.

Why should you try VR meditation apps?

Meditation involves entering a deep state of mental relaxation. During practice, try to concentrate and make your space conducive to quietude. Basically, you should definitely not be disturbed by anything in the world around you. However, it may seem difficult, especially for beginners.

If you, too, cannot meditate when you've already tried everything, try VR meditation apps. More and more popular, these allow us to enter an immersive world specially designed to lead you to rest and relaxation. So users can focus on the experience itself, not on the disruptive elements.

So, without further ado, we bring you a selection of the best VR meditation apps that will allow you to be more connected with yourself.

The Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

This VR meditation app is compatible with the following devices: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is among the applications dedicated to beginners who are starting their learning. It transports users through magical and calming landscapes. Sea beds, tropical forests, lush gardens… So many choices available to you so that you can optimize your well-being. During the experience, you will discover motivational quotes that will strengthen your inner strength.

The visualization of dream landscapes becomes even more relaxing thanks to the music that animates the videos. These have been carefully composed by renowned artists and Oscar winners. Each production shared by this Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams will take you to soothing emotional states.

Tai Chi Trainer XR

This VR meditation app is for people who want to practice much more active and advanced sessions. Originally from ancient China, Tai Chi consists of making slow and fluid movements in order to activate “chi” (vital energy) and to put the body and mind in perfect harmony. The application includes among others:

  • A complete workout
  • A quick morning Qigong routine (5 minute session)
  • One AR Tai Chi and one VR Tai Chi.

As you gain more practice, you will be able to advance to a much more technical stage of meditation. AR Tai Chi is here for guide you and teach you the right actions. The Tai Chi Trainer XR app can be used on VR headsets for smartphones, Android and Ios.

The Chakras VR

This VR meditation app will make you enjoya long journey through your subconscious and thus you will discover all your chakras. Indeed, according to Sanskrit, 7 "wheels" keep our spirituality in balance:

  • The red colored “root” chakra
  • The orange-colored sacral chakra
  • The yellow solar plexus chakra
  • The green colored heart chakra
  • The throat chakra colored blue
  • The indigo colored third eye chakra
  • And the purple chakra "crown".

The VR chakra is one of the applications the most innovative with which you can learn to unlock your chakras by following specific poses for each of the wheels mentioned above. This app has received many positive reviews.

The Flow VR

This VR meditation application is intended for people who want go step by step in their practice. It offers six modes designed to help users achieve optimal inner balance. Compatible with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go VR headsets, Flow VR teaches you the basics of breathing, concentration, movement, letting go, calm and recovery.

Showcasing stunning, calming Icelandic landscapes in 4K quality, the app was developed by a startup. It also includes the music of groups such as GusGus and Sigur Ros. As you may remember, Sigur Ros also partnered with Magic Leap to create the first immersive music video experiences.

Le Guided Meditation VR

To close this selection, we present to you this VR meditation application which offers a rather traditional approach in this universe of well-being 2.0. It consists in particular of medieval and celtic music. The Guided Meditation VR will immerse you in relaxing landscapes, tropical beaches, majestic peak forests and peaceful Greek seaside towns. Designed to be compatible with all VR media, this app offers one of the most immersive experiences that disconnect you from the real world. During the experience, you would be far away from the stress and your worries.

So, don't wait any longer to indulge in virtual reality meditation sessions that will help you breathe in peace. With these applications to be used only on VR headsets, be sure to get away from stress by indulging in relaxing experiences. Listen to your body, let your mind rest and open up to this virtual world that will allow you to regain your well-being.

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