Keynote “Vision VR / AR Summit” 2017: Google announcements

Keynote “Vision VR / AR Summit” 2017: Google announcements


The Vision VR / AR Summit is an event intended for artists, engineers, programmers, designers, musicians as well as producers and researchers interested in virtual reality and augmented reality. The event focuses on knowledge sharing for all those who wish to develop AR or VR products. Update on Google's statements.

Keynote “Vision VR / AR Summit” 2017: Google announcements

New Google tools to develop applications on Daydream

Google's Nathan Martz showcased new tools that the search engine giant is offering to creators of virtual reality apps for the Daydream headset. VSThe tools must help creators to develop more efficient applications that use less resources. The Google engineer explained in particular that: "".

Google asks developers to create not only very interesting applications but also and above all highly optimized. For this, the American giant wants to make things as easy as possible and offers creators a battery of tools that will not only simplify their lives, but also and above all will optimize their applications as much as possible in order to adapt to the constraints of smartphones. and their limits in terms of performance.

Tools that simplify application development

Among the tools presented, Google notably offers a tool to replace real-time lighting calculations with static textures. This change makes it possible to significantly reduce the calculations made by the smartphone. Nathan Martz thus assured that with this battery of tools, it is already possible to carry out a simulation of dynamic lighting and shadows in 3D and at 60 images per second on the most powerful smartphones on the market. currently which brings the graphics obtained closer to those of VR on PC or console.

One of the other tools presented by Google allows you to have a preview of code changes in a few seconds and no longer in several minutes as is currently the case between the compilation of the new code and the transfer to a smartphone. No more unnecessary waste of time to perform tests therefore. Nathan Martz also presented a tool to find out the areas of an application that requires a lot of resources and can overheat the smartphone. This analysis makes it possible to better understand the performance problems of the application and to correct them.

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